Strycharski, Dominik

Born in 1975. Composer, autist, vocalist, improviser, performer and journalist. He plays and composes many varieties of contemporary jazz, contemporary music, electronic music, post-hip-hop, noise as well as many kinds of improvised music. 

He has recorded over thirty albums in various line-ups. He is the founder of Pulsarus, which combines jazz with advanced electronics, Core 6, Prophetic Fall, and Myriad Duo. 

As a composer he creates contemporary electroacoustic music using unorthodox techniques and stylistic combinations. He works intensely on developing the contemporary language of the recorder and human voice combined with electronics. 

As a theatre artist he has composed music in a variety of styles to over eighty productions and projects by artists such as Michał Zadara, Paweł Świątek, Wojtek Klemm, Katarzyna Raduszyńska, Jan Peszek, Anna Badora, Wojtek Urbański, Kuba Roszkowski, and many others. Theatrical productions featuring his music are presented all over Poland and abroad. 2019 was marked by the premiere of a creative documentary, The Symphony of the Ursus Factory, in which his music plays a major role. 

Dominik Strycharski is a cofounder of the Bretoncaffe theatre. Since 1998 he has been working as a composer and performer on a multidimensional solo project, Doministry, combining contemporary electronic music, post-hip-hop, performance, noise, and electro-ambient. With DJ CueFx he was part of BandFx, which produced several albums. He also cofounded many other jazz and post-rock bands. 

A regular collaborator of Teatr Akt, with which he appears in Poland and abroad, presenting productions of Beyond TimeThe Planet of Roses and Icarus