Der “Weg der Verzweiflung” (Hegel) ist der chromatische -
Johannes Kreidler

My name should not even appear next to the title, since I have given most of the material to compose to the computer (random generators can be seen as subjective) and I have only chosen the most appropriate results. I would not have invented them myself. Add to this a heap of other people's samples from audio and video archives: Musik mit Musik, from which I wanted to select ordinary or even downright bad music, which would t the medium here. That "material" should be perceived as insufficient: otherwise there would be no need to do anything with it. at is the very definition of "material."

"The fact that at some point, 'ideas' would become property that you try to protect legally: Plato could not imagine that" (Günter Anders).

Samples are only the surface; much more serious sampling happens with social forces. One composer is far too weak to create art: he always depends on external energies, contradictory dynamics that circle around us, from which something is taken and isolated in the musical work. The main "theme" of the piece is very elementary: pitch movement up and down (or sharp and dull, as the ancient Greek called it), the emotional impact of these movements, even if they are constructed very technically, maybe especially in this case. With a computer, I have achieved a mathematical sadness and algorithmic emphasis of sort: emotional ear training. Expressionism of sinusoidal tones.

In Bach and Vivaldi, at the end of larger section, scales appear as melodies and function in the purest form: speaking structures. A remix of Lachenmann, this time seriously. Why so much Xenakis is being played today Because Xenakis comes up in Google every day. A Google search is structurally almost undistinguishable from Xenakis's music. People talk about so ware architecture, after all.

The most important requiem of the 20th century did not come from Britten or Xenakis but from Max Mathews. It is included in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, when the dying computer starts singing.

25 trombones, 108 pianos - no problem. When I need 30 guitars, I just take them: I record them as audio and video.

"Der Weg der Verzweiflung": following Hegel, one walks the path of doubt until the very end, which is also a process of desperation. Hegel's logical system is very emotional. is combination is not only a good model, but also aesthetic.

Johannes Kreidler