Saudade. Overdrive Music -
Rafał Ryterski

"Saudade" is a Portuguese term for melancholy or nostalgia for something bygone, the remembrance of which brings positive emotions.

The term fits my recent experience of visiting the city where I grew up.

The sounds I remembered from my childhood and adolescence proved different from those I experienced in my former home. This is not a judgment - the sound environment that grew over the years in my imagination was simply different.

I realised memory had the power to change recollections: colour them, modify them, distort them.

This reflection led to the composition of Saudade, in which repeatedly overdriven sound material tries to find its real, original form and its proper spaces. And when we think it has finally happened, that sound begins to disintegrate, as if withering in your hands...

Rafał Ryterski