Fiori di Fiori -
Francesco Filidei

The piece was conceived as the first movement of a large musical fresco dedicated to the organ and its music, through different times and schools. Fiori di Fiori is born from the evocation of a number of Fiori musicali (Musical Flowers) by Frescobaldi, filtered through the typical mechanical noises of the organ, the blowing of the bellows and pallets, the crackle of the tracker action. During the piece, different kinds of listening alternate, from close to the pipes to the trans figured acoustics of a large church, and including the kinetic aspect of its internal components. e macrostructure of the work is based on a sequence of long tonal pedals, derived from the use of pedal pioneered by the great organist in numerous Toccatas and Capriccios: embellishments, arpeggios, scales inhabit the harmonic colour of a single note, then modulate to the next one, concluding their journey on the initial tone.

Caricature is present as well, as in the quotation of the Capriccio pastorale or of the Ricercar con obligo di cantare la quinta parte senza toccarla.

Intendami chi può che m'intend'io (Understand me who can, for I understand myself).

To Salvatore Sciarrino.

Francesco Filidei