Aniołowie pokoju (Angels of Peace) - Wojciech Błażejczyk

The composition was inspired by events in East Ukraine in recent years. The medal with a figure of an Angel of Peace, "which wins all wars and denotes solidarity between nations," is a traditional gift presented in the Vatican to state and government leaders. Vladimir Putin received this medal in 2015, and it is on his speeches from 2015-17 that I have based the text used in my work. The work was commissioned by Warsaw Autumn for Ensemble Nostri Temporis.

Wojciech Błażejczyk

Dear friends, peace and peaceful life have indeed always been humanity's ideal. We should finally make the right choice: the choice of cooperation, mutual respect and trust, the choice of peace. The lessons of the recent wars make us vigilant. We will always side with the forces of peace, with those who opt for equal partnership, who reject wars as contrary to the very essence of life and the nature of man. We must give future generations stability and peace on the planet. Yes, it is a complex, di cult, long­term job, but we have no other choice. Together we can make the world stable and secure, guarantee the conditions for the development of all states and nations.

Text based on speeches delivered by Vladimir Putin,

selected and edited by Wojciech Błażejczyk