LFO #8 -

A project was specifically designed for Warsaw Autumn 2017 - world premiere. It is an extemporaneous performance that combines live electroacoustic music with conducted improvisation. Formally it is a piece for mixed ensemble (acoustic and electronic instruments) and a performer of live improvised sound spatialisation. While the instrumentalists work on the stereo front with completely original material, the live electronics artist uses sound material taken from the performances of the other musicians and treats the whole space of the hall as his creative parameter.

The project originates in the musical ideas of great improvisers/ conductors such as Bruno Maderna, Butch Morris, and Elio Martusciello, incorporating in an original way a series of experiences derived from electroacoustic music. The opening workshop concerns music that can be de ned as "collective expression," where the creative perception of participants meets the spontaneity of improvisation in search of new linguistic forms. In a series of sessions, the conductor teaches the participants a code that consists of several ideographic signs and symbols. ese symbols allow the group to build an improvised musical piece together in real time, developing and transforming individual elements of timbre, melody and harmony as well as more structured elements such as phrases and loops.