ERdada. A Tale about Eugeniusz Rudnik

ERdada is not only a musical work, but also an image and even a fairy tale. at tale is composed from scraps, like a mosaic. Each scrap means little in itself but builds the story when combined with others. This is the message of ERdada: how wonderful it is to create things, even if all you have is scraps of sounds, materials, and colours. The creation of beautiful things, passion and determination mean that we also build ourselves. rough this, we find where our heart is and which things are important: rejoice, share, shine, and become beautiful. It is worth following your passion even against adversities, when there is no help around. is project is dedicated to Eugeniusz Rudnik, artist and handyman of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, who could build a new world from sound scraps.

Natalia Babińska