Whirls -
Per Nørgård

Whirls (1980/1997) by Per Nørgård is a sum of the composer's reflection on infinity rhythms, discussed in Drumbook (published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 1999). This book is an exceptional research material, in which Nørgård comprehensively analyses his rhythmic system. Infinity rhythms can be discerned notably in his Symphony no. 3, I Ching, For a Change, and Siddharta.

Whirls develops from a single note, played twelve times, and by an additive process, reaches ultimate complexity, disclosing the full gamut of possibilities inherent to Nørgård's system. The work is scored for three or six percussionists, with undetermined instruments. During 2017 Little Warsaw Autumn, we shall hear a special version of this work, with the participation of the gamelan as well as a modern multipercussion ensemble.

Miłosz Pękala