A triptych-concert featuring Tadeusz Sudnik, Maciej "Moretti" Moruś, and the Tefiton duo (Erhard Hirt and Claus von Bebber). Three looks at and reinterpretations of selected works by contemporary Polish composers premiered or otherwise performed at the Warsaw Autumn and recorded for the Festival's Sound Chronicle. ese unique recordings come from the Festival's earliest years: Serocki, Baird, Dobrowolski, and Penderecki on old LPs and digital archive masters, here presented as re:mix.

Will we experience radical editing in the cult venue of Studio Bar, or will we just gently roll on the waves of memories from 1956, 1959 and 1981 This is up to the authors of this project. The formula of Warsaw Autumn Hits the Club continues to evade definitions and remains unpredictable. This is why each Re:mix episode will only take its final shape in the space of our club, in confrontation with the Festival audience's faithful memory and vivid curiosity.

Dagna Sadkowska