Dźwięczę, więc jestem (I Sound Therefore I Am) - Tadeusz Wielecki

is composition, apart from a purely sound-based narrative, also includes word and gesture.

The artistic situations arranged in the work are another manifestation, after Credo, quia absurdum for tape and dancer, Repeat for four speaking musicians, Reading for orchestra, and other works, of my vain wish to achieve a perfect form from the interplay of word, gesture, and music. We thus experiment with what can be called the dialectic of abstraction and meaning.

Yes, make sounds and textures speak, become an element of musical semantics, so that word embodies a true "song without words"! It would also be nice, I dare to say, if sounds permeated meaning and meaningless gestures were transfigured to remain in the sphere of poetry and inspiring mystery. Wouldn't it

Thank you for your attention.

Tadeusz Wielecki