Générique -
Wojciech Kilar

Within this concise, five-minute work, Kilar features a maximal amount of sound events. He tells a short story. Is it the story of a car accident after falling asleep or a heart attack, fainting during a walk in the city during a torrid summer, or another one yet - it is irrelevant. There is no real need to make the story more specific and real in order to grasp the aesthetic character and purpose of the piece. Combined on a Warsaw Autumn record from 1963 with Kazimierz Serocki's A piacere - at that time a famous, pivotal work - Kilar's Générique continues to sound fresh and striking: one of the artistically most successful expression of Polish sonorism.

Leszek Polony,

Kilar. Żywioł i modlitwa

[Kilar. The Elements and Prayer, Kraków: PWM, 2005, 93]