shivers on speed
- Brigitta Muntendorf

Every sound, every noise incorporates a sense and sensitivity that we can find in space, resonance and in at least in us. Jean-Luc Nancy describes this sense as a link to experiences and associations, as a trigger for all the images and emotions that are discovered inside our being.

shivers on speed can be heard as a concentration of senses, as the idea to work with sound through a possibility of an existing sense in us, as the idea of a sense-determined musical material. All musical developments in the piece are linked to the idea of representing this phenomenon of sound. Shivering: not matter what kind of sound we have in mind, in the end this sound describes a physical and psychological moment of insecurity by its uncontrollable sound structure. Trembling fingers, trembling bows and trembling breath are combined with sounds of an insisting, statement-like structure and lead into a collage of an absurd play of sounds.

Brigitta Muntendorf