Non-stop -
Bogusław Schaeffer

The peculiar graphic of Non-Stop, familiar from many exhibitions of Schaeffer's scores, was composed in 1960. The work's duration varies between 6 and 8 minutes. The composer allows any interpretation of pitch, a free transposition of chords (derived from the hand position), and any combination of the various elements (each with each), listed in separate rectangles. The whole is determined by the sum of contaminations. In this way, the musical material duplicates itself and can be played over long periods with no repetitions whatsoever.

Jadwiga Maria Hodor, in: Grafiki Bogusława Schaeffera. Sześćdziesięciolecie twórczości kompozytorskiej

(Warsaw: Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, Fundacja Przyjaciół Sztuk Aurea Porta, 2007)