22.09 / Friday


audiovisual installation

Free entrance
Łukasz Radziszewski concept and visuals
Rafał Ryterski music
Piotr Policht curator

Suns (audiovisual installation)

Łukasz Radziszewski’s audiovisual installation Suns will be presented on the day of the autumnal equinox. It depends on the apparent suspension of the flow of time for the duration of the show (24 hours). The point of reference is the eponymous sun: projected live throughout the show, simultaneously at sunrise and sunset. This has been made possible by combining a series of brief transmissions from cameras placed in all the world’s time zones. An important part of the project is the sound action created by Rafał Ryterski, developed on the basis of information found in the visual component.

Organised by Zachęta National Gallery of Art

Installation opens until 23:59 on 23.09