Wołek, Krzysztof

Born in 1976 in Bytom, composer, improviser, and installation artist. He currently works as Associate Professor of Music Composition and a Director of Digital Composition Studies at the University of Louisville. He has received commissions from the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the Siemens Foundation and SCI/ ASCAP, as well as awards, grants and scholarships from the University of Chicago, University of Louisville, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Kentucky Arts Council, and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. He is a passionate advocate of contemporary acoustic and electronic music as well as multimedia compositions. His works have received awards at competitions such as Concours International de Musique et a'Art Sonore Électroacustiques in Bourges (for Mobile Variations, 2007). His output spans from purely acoustic, improvisational and electronic to various forms of multidisciplinary collaborations. His works have been presented at various festivals of contemporary music in Europe, North America, and Asia.