Pasiecznik, Monika

Music critic and curator, columnist for Odra monthly, she graduated in Polish literature from the Wrocław University and music theory from the Music Academy in Wrocław. She writes for music magazines including Glissando (Poland), Dissonance (Switzerland), Neue Zeitschri für Musik, MusikTexte, Positionen (Germany), and World New Music Magazine (Belgium). She is the author of Rytuał superformuły, a book about Karlheinz Stockhausen (Warszawa: Krytyka Polityczna, 2011) and coauthor with Tomasz Biernacki of a collection of essays, Po zmierzchu (Warszawa: Krytyka Polityczna, 2012).

She was the initiator and translator of the Polish edition of Harry Lehmann's The Digital Revolution of Music - A Music Philosophy (Warszawa: Bęc Zmiana, 2016). Since 2012 she has run the seminar 20th­ and 21st­Century Music at the cultural studies programme of the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. As a curator, she has cooperated with festivals such as Musica Electronica Nova in Wrocław, Poznań Music Spring, Huddersfield, Nuova Consonanza in Rome, Art Sound Festival in Gothenburg, Expozice Nové Hudby in Brno, Klangspuren in Schwaz, Heroines of Sounds in Berlin, as well as institutions including Warsaw's Modern Art Museum, Nowy Theatre, and National Audiovisual Institute, Wrocław's European Congress of Culture, Bęc Zmiana Foundation, SONORA Art Agency, and Kwadrofonik association.

Her latest projects including the first Kwadrofonik festival in Warsaw (2015), Digital Revolution of Music in Warsaw (2015), and Karkowski/Xenakis (Gothenburg, Huddersfield, Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa, Brno, Rome, and Bratislava, 2015-17). She has been nominated to the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award in 2015. She lives in Warsaw.