Poletti, Manuel

Born in 1969, resident in Paris, he is a composer and computer artist, as well as IRCAM's computer music producer. He studied classical music at Besançon and Dijon conservatories (from 1986). In 1993-95 he studied composition at ICEM and the Folkwang High School of Music w Essen. He joined IRCAM's team in 1998 as a computer music producer. At IRCAM he has taken part in numerous artistic, educational, and research projects. In 2009 he began collaborating on MAX programme development with the Cycling'74 association of San Francisco. Since 2013 he has worked with Music Unit, a music production organisation with seat in Montreuil. As a composer and sound producer, Poletti has taken part in numerous artistic projects throughout Europe, including concerts, dances, theatre, visual arts, and sound installations.