Sudnik, Tadeusz

Polish musician, composer, and sound producer. Founder of the Studio of Impossible Sounds, he creates multimedia concert shows. He is interested in live music performed on analogue synthesisers and electronic sound-generating devices. During his concerts he transforms various live sounds and sound effects. He has also performed in woods, on the shore of rivers and lakes, on and under bridges, on riverboats, in barns, palaces, castles, church, factories, and mines.

For more than a dozen years, he worked in the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, recording electronic music, film music, music for theatre productions and ballets.

He is a long-standing collaborator of the Warsaw Autumn and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music, the National and Mały theatres, and Ad Libitum festival. He has performed at festivals in Montreaux, Berlin, and others. He has composed music for the ballet spectacle Night Landscape (for Warsaw's Grand Theatre), Stasys Eidrigevicius's play Wooden Man staged at Warsaw's Studio Theatre, the show Mr Drops' Team at Scena Lubelska, and others. He has also designed the sound for Krzysztof Knittel and John King's HEARTPIECE. Double Opera staged at the Kitchen gallery in New York. In 2006 he staged his multimedia installation Kolej rzeczy (The Way Things Go) at Warsaw's Galeria XX1. His music piece illustrating Stanisław Dróżdż's exhibition OD­DO (2009) was commissioned by appendix2 art gallery in Warsaw, and the CD Tadeusz Sudnik & His Friends in Art by Polonia Records (2006).

Cytula Tyfun was the first group in which he played with Krzysztof Knittel, Andrzej Bieżan, and Mieczysław Litwiński (from 1980). Simultaneously he gave concerts throughout Europe, as well as recording albums with well-known jazz musicians in Helmut Nadolski and Andrzej Przybielski's bands, Tomasz Stańko's Freelectronic, Mathieu Sadowski's Ono Lulu Filharmonia (France), Włodek Kiniorski's Machine Park, Wojciech Konikiewicz in Analogics, Andrzej Mitan in the Concert of Impossible Figures, Krzysztof Knittel in Interactions, and Paweł Prochnowski in Joined Forces (Canada). In 2003 he recorded an album and toured in Europe with Adam Pierończyk's groups Digivoco and Amusos and Gary omas (USA). In the same year he cocreated Berliner Composers Ensemble's project Transylvaniana headed by percussionist Maurice de Martin (Berlin). He also took part in Tomasz Stańko's concert project Peyotl3 and gave performances with the revived group Freelectronic (2004). In 2006 he toured Poland with the German ensemble Der Rotte Bereich.

Sudnik has also performed with Sonny Sharock (USA), Peter Giger (Austria), Don Um Romao (Weather Report), Antymos Apostolis, Michał Miśkiewicz, Janusz Skowron, Mamadou Diouf, Gunnar Geise, Paweł Szymański, Jerzy Kornowicz, Tadeusz Wielecki, Ryszard Latecki, and others. Currently he plays with the Mud Cavaliers (Kawalerowie Błotni), Szabolcs Esztényi, Zdzisław Piernik, Tomasz Duda, and Jerzy Kornowicz.