Jodlowski, Pierre

Born in 1971 in Toulouse, he studied composition at the Conservatoire de Lyon and IRCAM courses. Since 1998 he has been artistic director of the Novelum festival in Toulouse and of the artistic group éOle. His works have been performed at numerous festivals of contemporary music in France and abroad, as well as at artistic centres associated with dance, theatre, art and electronic music. At present his music is developing along various lines; apart from shaping his own musical path, he is involved in creating images, music programming, directing and, primarily, in studying the issues of dynamic relations in stage spaces. He regards music as an "active" art, capable of strong effect both in the physical dimension (through energy, gesture and space) and the psychological one (through associations and through stimulating memory and imagination). Alongside composing music, Jodlowski also appears on the stage, solo or with other artists. He has collaborated with IRCAM, Ensemble intercontemporain, CIRM, GRM, Radio France, Donaueschingen Festival, Concours de Piano d'Orléans, and GMEM (Glasgow Minimum Essential Medium), as well as taking part in the European Integra project. His many international awards include the SACEM's Claude Arrieu Prize (2002), a residency at the Berlin Academy of Arts (2003-4), Académie Charles Cros recording award (2013), and Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs (2015, for Time & Money). His works are performed at the most important centres of contemporary sound art in France, throughout Europe, in Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States.

Selected works: Éclats de ciel for clarinet and electronics (1995), De front for eight musicians and electronics (1999), Barbarismes for 14 musicians and stereophonic soundtrack (2001), Is it this for violin, bass clarinet, video and electronics (2001), GéoMétries for violin, oboe, cello and electronics (2003), Chorus 1A for percussion (1996-2003), Mecano 1 for percussion and metronome (2004), Time & Money for percussion, video and electronics (2006), People / Time for five musicians, video and electronics (2006), 60 Loops for string quartet and electronics (2006), Collapsed for saxophone, percussion and electronics (2007), 24 Loops for 2-8 percussionists and electronics (2007), Criogenesis for cello (2007), Respire for 11 musicians, video and electronics (2008), Coliseum for four musicians and electronics (2008), Mendel, multimedia installation (2000-9), Suite 54 for orchestra (2009), Passage, dynamically active corridor, installation (2009), Grainstick, multimedia installation (2010), Ghost Woman, video installation (2010), L'aire du dire for 12 voices, video and electronics (2011), Série­C for piano and stereophonic soundtrack (2011), Limite circulaire for flute and 8-channel soundtrack (2011), The Tremendous Wave for saxophone, piano, percussion and electronics (2011), Hyperspeed Disconnected Motions for Paetzold recorder, contrabass flute, objects, video and soundtrack (2012), Narcisse(s), electroacoustic composition for choreography (2012), Série bleue for piano and stereo soundtrack (2013), Le dernier songe de Samuel Beckett for saxophone and live electronics (2013), Ombra della mente for soprano, bass clarinet, scenography, lights and live electronics (2013), Les beaux orages, electroacoustic composition for juggling show (2013), Induction, electroacoustic composition for choreography (2013), Post Human Computation for e-guitar, video and stereo soundtrack (2014), Ghost Haendel for piano, smartphone and stereo soundtrack (2014), Twins Peak for percussion trio, video and live electronics (2014), is Leads to an Emotional Stasis for violin, percussion, piano, scenography, lights and live electronics (2014), Lessons of Anatomy 1. Book of Harpsichord for harpsichord, video and stereo soundtrack (2015), rènes, interactive installation for motion sensors and 8-channel sound system (2015), Soleil noir for soprano, nine musicians, video, scenography, lights and live electronics (2015), Four Audiovisual Studies for various instruments, live video and electronics (2016), Diary, Random and Pickles for five instruments, group of children, scenography, lights and live electronics (2016), Soleil blanc, installation (2016), Ultimatum for string orchestra, two percussions ad libitum, prerecorded or live text and stereo soundtrack (2016), Tadmor, electroacoustic music to Monika Borgmann's lm Tadmor (2016), Ghostland for four musicians, puppeteer and audiovisual setup (2017).