Tabakiernik, Piotr

Born in 1986, he graduated from the F. Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. As a composer he explores both the past and the future, embracing the full gamut of latest composition techniques. He is fascinated by microtonal music, expanding the limits of performance technique, cognitive music, and other elements of the modern composer's vocabulary. On the other hand, he is also attracted by obsolete historical styles, often using their language and narrative. He dislikes neostyles, however, actively pursuing improvisation in historical idioms.

He has authored music for a large number of theatre plays and other projects, often focusing on the performative aspect and a careful planning of theatrical dramaturgy. He treats performers as actors who build true characters that travel from the work to the audience. He is also fascinated by rituals both in the arts and the surrounding reality, recreating them in his own work.

Piotr Tabakiernik is also active on the field of linguistics as a conlanger - creator of new languages (many of which were coined for his musical works).

Selected works: sumpiqo for string quartet, percussion and 8-channel sound projection (2013), šeg for cello and accordion (2014), ἀπόπτωσις (apopt sis) for vocal sextet (2015), WAM­iationen for accordion (2015), toutur thrœu (Ritual of Hearing) for cello and ensemble (2016), monachomachia, music theatre (2017), Symphonic Piece for orchestra (2017).