Koroliov, Andrej

Born in 1982, he holds degrees in piano, composition and music theory from the Hochschule für Musik und eater in Hamburg, where he studied with Marian Migdal, Peter Michael Hamel, and Manfred Stahnke.

His works, which span the gamut from acoustic to live electronic and multimedial, solo to orchestral, have notably been awarded the Bach Promotion Prize of the City of Hamburg, Alfred Schnittke Prize and Yamaha Young Composer's Award, and have been performed by ensembles such as Reconsil Vienna and Freiburger Schlagzeugensemble. As a pianist, he has been active both as a soloist and as a chamber musician, performing with groups such as ensemble integrales and the Hamburg Symphony. He is also a founding member of Decoder Ensemble.

Selected works: corrosion of confirmity 2 (working class children) for clarinet trio (2008-10), psychosis beatdown for bass clarinet and piano (2012), Sei du, Gesang, mein freundlich Asyl for ensemble and electronics (2012), enfant terrible kill the pain in me for violin, domestic appliances and electronics (2012), like my domination (die gelehrigen körper) for ensemble and electronics (2013), resist mix for percussion and electronics (2014), Try. Repeat. Failure 1 (error 404) for tenor saxophone (2015), illegal sunshine fry my eye for amplified cello with pedals, percussion, keyboard, visuals and electronics (2015), Volksgesundheit LK (Try. Repeat. Failure 2) for voice, flutes and accordion (2015-16), irritate me (herbst) for clarinet and video (2016), Love Songs (my hungover is better than your party) for e-zither and keyboards (2016-17), Boris: Hinterhalt for keyboards, percussion, cello, voices, video and electronics (2017).