Rønsholdt, Niels

Danish composer born in 1978, he studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus with Karl Aage Rasmussen and Bent Sørensen and in Berlin with Helmut Oehring. His works include experimental operas, installations, performances, and concert music. Rønsholdt works with a kind of "method composing" where conceptual constructions involve performance, text, and a musical expression that refer to mainstream music and early musical forms. He has received commissions by esteemed international ensembles and performed on most European contemporary music festivals. He has engaged in long, fruitful collaborations with the SCENATET ensemble, visual artist Signe Klejs, and singer/ director Lore Lixenberg.

Selected works: Reach Out and Touch Me for mezzo-soprano / soprano, cello / viola da gamba, recorder and violin (2001), Drink Me, Make Me Real for alto saxophone, percussion and tape (2002), Inside Your Mouth, Sucking the Sun, chamber opera (2002-4), Lust, Melancholy, melodrama for voice, flute, cello and percussion (2005), Triumph for female voice, clarinet, double bass, percussion and electronics (2006), Hammerfall for piano, saxophone, percussion and optional lights (2006), Room of Relation, interactive installation (with Signe Klejs, 2007), Die Wanderin for violin, piano, percussion, tape and optional video (2007), Unter den Liedern for strings, tape, lights and video (2007), Al­Aqsa, miniature for wind quartet (2008), The Merman for large ensemble, electronics and optional video (2008, 2013), Honeymoon, interactive opera installation for solo audience (with Signe Klejs, 2009), Gloomy Room, performance for percussionist, video and tape (2009), Archeopteryx X, performance-opera for two singers, ensemble and tape (2010), Fish and Fowl, album project (with Juliana Hodkinson, 2010), Racer, concert-performance for string quartet, video and tape (with Signe Klejs, 2011), Skin, interactive installation (with Signe Klejs, 2012), Burning for flute, violin, cello, piano and optional video (2012), Americana for amplified string quartet (2013), Word for Word, solo performance opera (2014), Fear and Loath in G minor for amplified ensemble (2014), Me quitte, songs for female and male voice and ensemble (2013; version with orchestra, 2014), Rami cations, installations (2015), Songs of Doubt (Prospect / Retrospect), ten songs for voice, ondes Martenot, choir and video (2015), Shame for amplified instrumental quartet and voices (2016), Exile for voice(s) and piano (2016), Breathless Moment for voice, brass and choir (2016), Until Nothing Le for accordionist and objects (2017), Gaze For Gaze, performance-opera (2017), Civilizations, "national romantic symphony" for small orchestra, Greenlandic choir, speaker and tape (2017).