Kreidler, Johannes

Born in 1980, he studied composition, electronic music and music theory at the High School of Music in Freiburg im Breisgau and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, notably with Mathias Spahlinger and Orm Finnendahl (2000-6).

His works have been featured at numerous international music festivals, including Donaueschingen, Darmstadt, Ultima, Musica Strasbourg, Gaudeamus Music Week, and Huddersfield. In 2012, he was awarded the Kranichsteiner Prize of the Summer Courses for New Music in Darmstadt.

Currently he teaches composition and music theory at the High School of Music and Theatre in Hamburg. In 2012, a collection of his essays Musik mit Musik, was published by Wolke Publishing House.

Selected works (since 2005): Farben: auf der Nadelspitze for snare drum and cello (2005), RAM Microsystems, performance for joysticks and computer (2005), Vorübergehen for clarinet, cello, accordion and percussion (2005), Tonspur zur Mondlan­ dung, film (2005), Klavierstück 5 for piano and four-channel tape (2005), windowed 1 for percussion and tape (2006), Klavierstück 6 for piano (2006), untitled performance #1 for keyboard and computer (2006), Five Programmings of a MIDI­Keyboard, performance for MIDI keyboard / computer and live video (2006), I am Sitting in Kreuzberg / Test, performance for MIDI keyboard / computer and video (2007), London for computer and film (2007), Browser, video (2007), Kontinuum mit Melodie, stereo sound le (2007), 3300 Klänge for 12 players (2007), Dekonfabulation for accordion, percussion, female speaker and tape (2007-8), randgruppens raststätten­tour for two accordions (2008), cache surrealism for baritone saxophone, accordion, cello and tape (2008), in hyper intervals for violin, bass clarinet, percussion, piano and tape (2008), product placements, performance (2008), Call Wolfgang, installation (2008), Kantate. No future now for big ensemble and sampler (2008), Charts Music, music with visualisation (2009), Slot Machines for piano and mp3 player (2009), Fremdarbeit for ensemble, sampler and moderator (2009), Feeds. Hören TV, web TV show (2009-10), Stil 1 for variable instrumentation and tape (2010-), Music for a Solo Western Man for performer, moderator, ensemble and electronics (2010), Arbeitsmarktplatz Esslingen - Musik für alle, Vermittlung vermittelt. Tragödie des Hörens, erste Roboterdemonstration, happening with children, teenagers, five singers and robots (2010), Living in a Box for ensemble, sampler and video (2010), Four Conceptual Pieces, sound les and video (2010), untitled performance #3 for four keyboard instruments (2010), kinect studies, video films (2011), Studie für Klavier, Audiound Videozuspielung (2011), Money for clarinet, violin, guitar, piano and sampler (2011), Two Conceptual Pieces, tape and video (2011), Die "sich sammelnde Erfahrung" (Benn): der Ton for piccolo flute, bass trombone, half-acoustic guitar, percussion, drumpad sampler, piano, audio and video playback (2012), Split Screen Studies, video (2012), Der "Weg der Verzweiflung" (Hegel) ist der chromatische for nine instruments, audio and video playback (2011-12), Reversibility Comes First for two guitars (2012), Scanner Studies, video (2012), Five Conceptual Pieces, video (2012), The Knots for two sopranos (2013), Shutter Piece for eight instruments, audio and video playback (2012-13), Rich Harmonies, video installation / performance (2013), Irmat Studies, performance for sensor table (2013), Slide Show Music for seven instruments, audio and video playback (2013), 13 Conceptual Pieces, video (2013), Audioguide, music theatre (2013-14), 22 Music Pieces for Video (2014), diminuendo by shame for five instruments and video (2014), Minusbolero for orchestra (2010-14), TT1 for orchestra and electronics (2014-15), Beginninglessness, multimedia performances and videos (2009-15), Audioguide III, music theatre (2015), Steady Shot for piano, photo camera, audio and video playback (2015), Fantasies of Downfall for vibraphone, audio and video playback (2015), Two Pieces for clarinet and video (2016), Typogravitism for electric guitar, audio and video playback (2016), Instrumentalisms, versions for string instrument or piano and video (2016), rationalization­irrationalization for glissando flute, audio and video playback (2016), Listomania, radio feature (2016), Industrialisierung der Romantik, "scenic essay on Wagner and Marx" (2016), Two Conceptual Pieces (2016).