Little Warsaw Autumn - seventh edition

Let’s play hide-and-seek with sounds. Let’s check if they can be caught or thrown as you throw a ball. Let’s find out if you can play slow and fast at the same time. Let’s see how to build a world from scraps of sound.

The Festival will traditionally begin in the Królikarnia Sculpture Museum Park with an open-air sound installation. Krzysztof Topolski shall convince us that our Earth is an enormous musical instrument that is continuously playing and emitting sounds. Is it the sound of a car, airplane, or the hiss of leaves on treetops, or rainfall? Let’s find out, let’s guess! For the next adventure, Tadeusz Wielecki invites us to the park: you will be able to hold sounds in your hand or even see music… All thanks to a wizard mime and four musicians playing on trumpets and trombones, glowing in the sun like sunflowers.

At the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, we shall experience a percussion feast as well as a tale about Eugeniusz Rudnik, the legendary editor of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. How to build a world from sound scraps? That extraordinary man knew how to achieve it. Natalia Babińska tells the tale of Eugeniusz Rudnik but also of the exhilaration of creation, encouraging us to listen to the master’s last work, ERdada. And what about that tempo? Can you play fast and slow at the same time? Does the size of the instrument matter? When is something together and when separate? Using well-known percussion instruments as well as the exotic gamelan from distant Indonesia, Miłosz Pękala and Magda Kordylasińska shall familiarise you with the secrets of mixing rhythms and tempi.

Paulina Celińska
Little Warsaw Autumn Curator