Krzysztof Baculewski

Krzysztof Baculewski "Subjective Annals 60 Editions of the Festival"


This was the year of Andrzej Panufnik. The composer came to Warsaw for the first time since leaving Poland in 1954. Eleven of his compositions were performed on this occasion, including Tragic Ouverture, Piano Concerto, Violin Concerto No. 2, String Quartet No. 2, Pentasonata and Krąg kwintowy (Circle of Fifths - 12 Miniature Studies). This was a gesture of recognition toward the Polish composer, of whom Polish audiences were largely unaware, meant to restore his works to Polish culture and compensate him for the (mainly moral) wrongs he su ered after his emigration, when he was denounced as a traitor and his name disappeared from encyclopaedias and lexicons.

The second protagonist of that Festival was George Crumb, with Night of the Four Moons, Black Angels, Star-Child and four other works. The third important guest was Mauricio Kagel, whose two works for a salon orchestra (!), String Quartet No. 3 and Musik für Tasteninstrumente und Orchester were performed during the Festival. Other significant events included performances of the cycle 32 Duetti per violini by Luciano Berio and the complete Drumming by Steve Reich.