Krzysztof Baculewski

Krzysztof Baculewski "Subjective Annals 60 Editions of the Festival"


'Warsaw Autumn' concerts by outstanding foreign ensembles came in waves every few years. at year there were again quite a few of them: the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester from Berlin, Collegium Vocale from Cologne; the ORTF Orchestra from Paris gave two concerts, with conductors Gilbert Amy and Maurice le Roux. ere were also chamber ensembles: one from Armenia, as well as Acezantez from Zagreb, '4'33' from West Berlin, Den Norske Blasekvintett from Oslo and Agitation Free from West Germany. The programme included the oratorio El hombre by Zbigniew Bujarski, Impromptu fantasque by Kazimierz Serocki, Stimmung by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Concerto for Piano and Tape by Szabolsc Esztényi (his debut as a composer), Sonata for Strings - Veronica's Veil by Marek Kopelent, a 24-hour performance of Vexations by Erik Satie, Music from Afar by Tomasz Sikorski, Epifanie by Luciano Berio, Clocks and Clouds by György Ligeti, and yet another sensation: Krzesany by Wojciech Kilar, with its novel aesthetics and new type of expression.