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Przybyłowicz, Krzysztof

Professor at the Academy of Music in Poznań; one of Poland’s leading jazz percussionists. His artistic personality has exerted a major influence on Polish jazz, broadly understood pop music, as well as contemporary music for percussion. An extremely active and versatile artist, he has given an enormous number of concerts in Poland, Europe, the United States, and Canada. He has performed at nearly fifty music festivals.

Work in the studio is a key part of Krzysztof Przybyłowicz’s artistic activity. He has released nearly 60 titles. The innumerable soundtracks he has recorded for feature films, documentaries, and the theatre testify to his extraordinary flexibility, wealth of expression, and versatile technical skills.

Krzysztof Przybyłowicz is also active as a music educator and journalist. For more than two decades, he has taught at international courses and workshops in Germany, France, Italy, and Poland. As a teacher at the State Secondary Music School in Poznań, he was a cofounder of the new Jazz and Stage Music Section and wrote syllabuses pioneering this field of study in Poland. At the Academy of Music in Poznań, he established the Faculty of Jazz and Stage Music, and inaugurated a new field of study. Among his publications, of special interest are the educational texts printed in the Muzyk monthly. Since 1993 he has published more than 360 articles on percussion playing.