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Scheller, Przemysław

Born in 1990 in Gliwice, he studied percussion and accordion at the secondary music school in his home city. He started composing at the age of 18 under the supervision of Ukrainian composer Uliana Bilan. Subsequently he studied with Aleksander Lasoń at the Karol Szymanowski Music University in Katowice, graduating with distinction in 2012.
Currently he continues his master's studies at the same University and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon with Philippe Hurel, François Roux, and Michele Tadini. He has participated in workshops such as Creas: Creating Sound in New Media in Tempo Reale in Florence, National Conservatoire in Tbilisi, and Summer Academy in Nice.
His awards include the 1st Prize, Minister of Culture Prize, and Audience Award at the 2011 Composition Concert, 1st Prize at the National Compositional Competition organised by the Music Academy in Gdańsk, 2nd Prize and Distinction at the Generace Competition in Ostrava, and a Distinction at the Patri Patriae Competition in Katowice.
He is also a collector and avid player of ethnic instruments from all over the world.

Major works: Pater Noster for mixed choir (2008), Scherzo for xylophone and piano (2009), The Bells for mixed choir, to words by Edgar Allan Poe (2009), Alfa Entity for vibraphone and clarinet (2009), REM Phase for string quartet (2009), ZwoelTLED for live electronics (2009), On The Edge of Consciousness for string orchestra (2009), EEG for accordion, marimba and percussion (2010), Psalm LX for mixed choir and organ (2010), Psalm of Tranquillity for live electronics (2010), im?–possible–worlds for chamber orchestra (2010), Panopticum for harp, cello and accordion (2011), A Box on the Attic for two Celtic harps (2011), nREM for tape (2011), Totus Tuus for mixed choir (2011), Ad sensorem, interactive sound installation (2011), Blind Seeing for symphony orchestra (2011), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, multimedia project for string quartet and live electronics (2011), Yiri for didgeridoo and live electronics (2012), Ruach. Breath. Spirit. Wind. for two flutes (2012), A Song of Water’s Shine for flute (2012), Ad cælos for harp quartet (2012), Vision of Open Sky for chamber orchestra, didgeridoo and basso profondo (2012), Outflow for live electronics (2012), In nocturno for alto saxophone and piano (2013), Veni Sancte Spiritus for men’s choir (2013), Hobbit, theatre music (2013), Grain du son for bass clarinet and live electronics (2013), Logos for clarinet, string and percussion (2014), Presque un rêve for tape (2014), Czasojaśnienie for nine musicians (2014).